Quick Steps

  1. Create your account online at account.dribbleup.com.

  2. Download the Dribbleup app in the App Store or Google Play.

  3. Log in to the app using the username and password you just created.

Add up to 6 users and access all Dribbleup App on multiple devices. The Membership gives you access to all fitness & sports live and on-demand sessions.

Step-by-Step Guide

Go online to account.dribbleup.com

You'll need to create an account online at account.dribbleup.com before you can log into the app. If possible, use the same email you used to purchase your order.

Enter your birthday & name

Accounts must be set up by someone at least 13 years old. Have a parent or guardian assist anyone younger.

Enter your Dribbleup Login Code

You'll find this six-digit code in the email you entered in Step 1. If you don't see it right away search your inbox for emails from Dribbleup.

Create your Username

You will now create your username and password. Once you log into the app you'll have the option to add additional usernames, up to five total.

Download the App

Find the Dribbleup App in the App Store or Google Play.


You can now log in to the Dribbleup App using either your account email or username. They will both use the same password you just created.

Need more support? Email us at hello@dribbleup.com.

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