Intro to Smart Soccer

Increase dribbling speed, improve weak foot, and make the team

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About the Smart Soccer Ball

This high-quality, game-ready soccer ball unlocks virtual training sessions at home.

Kids can join practice sessions in the Dribbleup app to increase dribbling speed, improve their weak foot, and build confidence to make the team.

From beginners looking to learn the basics to more experienced players who want to improve & refine their soccer skills.

100s of Soccer Drills & Sessions

Gain confidence with effective soccer drills at the tap of a button. Jump into class and learn from professional coaches with real-time virtual feedback. Improve their foot skills, gain confidence, & dominate the competition!

Trainers Teach New Classes Daily

Dribbleup’s world-class soccer trainers go live daily to transform your practice experience. Up to 30 new classes a week, there’s never a shortage of new drills & instruction.

Improve Skills the Fun Way

Dribbleup's advanced computer vision technology tracks every movement & records reps in real-time. Hit the virtual targets on the screen to register reps, perfect form, and climb the leaderboard.

Training Drill Examples

Unlock training drills, sessions, and programs with Dribbleup All-Access. Here's an example of the drills covered at each level so you can improve your game whether you're just getting started or a seasoned player.

  • Beginner

    • Foundations

    • Sole Flicks

    • Strong Rolls

    • Right / Left Foot Front & Back Rolls

    • Right / Left Foot Roll Tap

    • Right / Left Foot Side To Side Rolls

    • Right / Left Foot Sideline Pulls

    • Sideline Pulls

    • Pullbacks

    • Ball Slides

  • Intermediate

    • Right / Left Foot In & Out Rolls

    • Right / Left Foot Outside Inside

    • Outside Inside

    • Right / Left Foot Triangles

    • Triangles

    • Right / Left V & Roll

    • Right / Left V Taps

    • V Taps

    • Right / Left Roll To Side Taps

    • Left To Right Roll & Tap

    • Right To Left Roll & Tap

    • Sole Flicks Alternating Roll

    • Sole Flicks To Right / Left Foot Roll

    • Strong Roll To Side Taps

    • Strong Rolls To Sole Flicks

    • Triple Sole Roll

  • Expert

    • Back Side Turns

    • L Pull

    • Right / Left Foot L turns

    • Right / Left Foot Roll Chop

    • Right / Left Foot Triangles to L Turn

    • Right / Left Triangles to Role Fakes

    • Push Outs

    • Outside Tap & Push Out

    • Roll Fakes

    • Outside Scissors

    • Sole Flicks To Push Outs

    • Triangles to Role Fakes

    • Two Touch Right / Left Foot Outside Inside

    • Scissor to Side Taps

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