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Strength exercises with rep tracking

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About the Smart Weights

The Dribbleup Smart Weights provide real-time rep tracking in live and on-demand workout classes. Join a class, scan your weights, and let expert trainers guide you through full-body exercises.

The Smart Weights are for adults aged 16+ looking to start or upgrade their exercise and strength training routine at home. They are available in 5lb, 10lb, 15lb, & 20lb and are interchangeable during workouts to match your abilities and help increase your strength.

Workout Session & Drill Examples

Unlock training drills, sessions, and programs with Dribbleup All-Access. Here's an example of available workout sessions & drills within the Dribbleup App. There's something for every fitness level!

  • Full Body Light - Beginner - 18 minutes - 2 sets

    • Warm-up

    • Right Lawn Mower Row

    • Left Lawn Mower Row

    • Wide Grip Curls

    • Racked Squats

    • High Pulls

    • Right Side Bend to Press

    • Left Side Bend to Press

    • Hammer Curls and Twist

    • Cooldown

  • Weight! There's More - Intermediate - 17 mins - 3 sets

    • Warm-up

    • Sumo Deadlift

    • Racked Squats

    • Deadlift

    • Kneeling Shoulder Press

    • Front Raise

  • Ab Factory - Expert - 29 mins - 3 sets

    • Warm-up

    • Oblique Dips

    • Single Dumbbell Crunch

    • Single Dumbbell Sit Up

    • Right Arm Cross Body Crunch

    • Left Arm Cross Body Crunch

    • Chest Press to Flutter Kick

    • Pike Leg Lift Over

    • Hollow Body Pullovers

Dribbleup Fitness Group

Join the group at to talk with real Dribbleup users. You'll find others like you sharing their progress, tips to get the most out of your experience, and support to help keep you accountable.

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