Smart Equipment Specs

  • Track your daily and weekly progress

  • Works with Android and Apple phones and tablets

  • Only 6 square feet of space needed

  • Made with high-quality, durable materials

  • Option to connect to your TV via Apple TV or Chromecast


  • Access fitness & sports sessions for up to 6 users

  • Join daily live sessions with our expert instructors

  • Fit any schedule with on-demand sessions

  • Support for every skill level, beginner to expert

  • Compete with others across the country

Size Recommendations

Smart Basketball

  • Official 29.5" is recommended for boys 13+ years and adult men.

  • Youth/Women 28.5" is recommended for boys under 13 and girls and women of any age.

Smart Soccer Ball

  • Size 5 is recommended for players 13 years or older. This is regulation-sized, the ball that teenagers and adults use.

  • Size 4 is recommended for kids 12 years and younger. This ball is slightly smaller so it can be controlled by younger players.

Smart Boxing Gloves

  • Small - 12 ounces. For people w/ small to medium-size hands, hand circumference under 8.5".

  • Large - 14 ounces. For people w/ larger hands, hand circumference over 8.5".

Smart Strength Ball

  • 6 LB - recommended for all beginners.

  • 10 LB - recommended for those with more experience working out with weights.

Smart Fitness Trampoline

  • 250 LB - The maximum user weight.

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