The Dribbleup App works with Android 10+ or iOS 13+ devices.

Download the App in the App Store or Google Play.

Android Devices

Google Pixel 2 and newer

LG G Series 7 and newer

LG K Series 51 and newer

LG V Series 35 and newer

Motorola Edge all models

Motorola Moto E 7 and newer

Motorola Moto G 7 and newer

Motorola Moto Z 4 and newer

Motorola One all models

Samsung Galaxy A 6 and newer

Samsung Galaxy M all models

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and newer

Samsung Galaxy S 9 and newer

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 and newer

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 7 and newer

Samsung Galaxy Z all models

iOS Devices

Apple Watch Series 3 and newer (iOS Integration)

iPad 5th generation and newer

iPad Air all models

iPad mini 2 and newer

iPad Pro all models

iPhone 7 all models

iPhone 8 all models

iPhone 11 all models

iPhone 12 all models

iPhone 13 all models

iPhone SE all models
iPhone X all models

iPod touch 6th & 7th generation

Amazon Fire and Microsoft Surface devices do not support the Dribbleup App.

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