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Chromecast (Android / iOS)

Connecting to your TV is not required but may improve your experience. We recommend casting the Dribbleup App on your TV with Chromecast. The app uses your device's camera for tracking but you'll be able to see the instructor full-screen on your TV for live and on-demand sessions. Once you join a session, tap the Chromecast icon in the top-right corner. - learn more


  • Apple TV (iOS) – learn more

  • HDMI with Lightning Adapter (iOS) – buy here

  • HDMI with SlimPort Type-C Adapter (Android) – buy here

  • LG Smart TV 2019 or newer (Android / iOS) – learn more

  • Samsung Smart TV 2018 or newer (iOS) – learn more

Amazon Fire TV Stick and Roku devices do not support the Dribbleup App.

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